The Department of Intelligent and Information Systems prepares full-time experts in the field of study 12- Information Technologies by specialty 122 – Computer Scienc. Graduates will obtain professional qualification 3121 “Information Technology Specialist”.
Term of study is 4 years.

Below is an address of the Head of the Intellectual and Information Systems Department, Doctor of technical science Vitaliy Yevgenovich Snityuk to university applicants.

Our academic programs

1. Computer scienc
Students study the application of the information technologies for solving modern issues of the mankind, Grid and Cloud technologies, elements of artificial intelligence high-performance computing while creating information and expert systems.
Bachelor Educational Program “COMPUTER SCIENCES”
Description of the educational program
2. Data analytic
Students study intellectual systems peculiarities of data analysis, technologies for increasing their informative nature and significance, methods of modeling and predicting future processes.
Bachelor Educational Program “Data Analysis”
Description of the educational program
Bachelor degree graduates will be able to obtain an educational and qualification level “master” by the educational-scientific program “Technologies of artificial intelligence” by the following specializations:
– Intelligent computing
– Intelligent application systems.