The Department of Intelligent and Information Systems prepares experts in the field of study:

12- Information Technologies

by speciality 122 – Computer Science.

Undergraduate students study by an academic program “Computer Science”.

Graduate students study by an educational and scientific program “Technologies of artificial intelligence”. Student enrollment is also taking place in 2018 for specialty 122 – Computer Science for training by an academic program “Data Analytics”.

The academic process at the department is focused on theoretical and practical learning.

  • Using Grid and Cloud as technologies and resources for the solution of knowledge intensive tasks.
  • Development of the decision support systems and expert systems for various activities
  • Development of intellectual analysis systems of data and knowledge
  • Applying distributed systems and parallel computing to effectively address practical tasks
  • Designing Internet applications utilizing elements of artificial intelligence
  • Optimization of economic and technical systems based on neural network technologies
  • Development of intelligent robotic control systems
  • Development of image recognition systems, incl. audio and video
  • Development of natural language information processing systems

History of the department