The department of intelligent and information systems of the Faculty of information technologies of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv was established in November 2013. The Baccalaureate Licensing by the field of study 6.050101 “Computer science” was carried out in 2014. The first full-time student’s enrollment took place that year. Student’s training is carried out by two specializations: “Artificial Intelligence Systems” and “System Engineering”. The University has launched its master’s degree programme where masters are trained by the educational and scientific program “Technologies of artificial intelligence”.

Professors of the department are constantly condition on scientific research in accordance with the department profile. The areas of research include

  • Evolutionary decision-making technologies under conditions of uncertainty. (Prof. Vitaliy Snityuk)
  • Adaptive intelligent online learning environments (Assoc. Prof. M. Domanetska, Assoc. Prof. A.E Ilarionov, Assoc. Prof. A.V. Fedusenko, Assoc. Prof. I.V. Chichkan);
  • Hybrid artificial intelligence systems and knowledge-based systems (Prof. G.A. Gayna, Assoc. Prof. P.M. Soroka);
  • Technologies for natural texts processing (Assoc. Prof. N.P. Tmyenova);
  • Modeling of ecological-economic processes under conditions of risk and uncertainty( Prof. V. Kudin);
  • Logical-linguistic modeling of control processes on the basis of approximate conclusions (Prof.Yu.Ya. Samokhvalov.);
  • Methodology of scenario analysis and technological foresight (Assoc. Prof. G.V. Krasovska).

A scientific seminar is constantly conducted at the Information and Intelectual Systems department where the reports of leading scientists, as well as young scientists on modern issues of computer science and artificial intelligence are presented.

The work continues on the creation of an artificial intelligence lab in cooperation with the EPAM Systems and laboratory of intelectual robotics in 2017.

The department staff are authors and co-authors of numerous textbooks and manuals stamped by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, monographs, articles indexed in science-based databases, professional editions of Ukraine, report’s theses at conferences and seminars.

The department maintains scientific relations with many universities and scientific institutions abroad. In particular the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv  has successful cooperation with the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics ((Bulgaria), Saarland University (Germany), Institute for non-destructive technologies (Germany), University of London (The UK) etc. There are student exchange programs with Croatian,Austrian and American universities. Professors of the department underwent internship, presented their reports and delivered lectures at the leading scientific and educational institutions and IT companies.

The Department of Intelligent and Information Systems is the direct organizer of the International Scientific and Technical Conference on Computational Intelligence that was held for the fourth time in 2017. Professors of the department are members of the Program Committees of numerous conferences.

The department pays attention to the organization of student’s scientific work.

Students participate in All-Ukrainian Olympiads of “Computer Science”, All-Ukrainian competitions of student scientific projects, where they took prizes in various competitions organized by IT companies. The department is an organizer of a student’s scientific conference and all-Ukrainian and international seminars.