1. University applicants may submit applications in electronic form for full-time and part-time forms of study on the basis of complete general secondary education   except for the cases specified below in the paragraph. Applications in paper form are submitted only in the following cases:

  • For exercising applicants’ right to apply for admission by means of interview, examinations and/or quota-1 according to the Admission rules;
  • In the event of inconsistences with the surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, sex or citizenship of the applicants in their documents;
  • In case of education certificate submission issued by a foreign academic institution
  • In case of documents submission on complete general secondary education issued prior to the introduction of photopolymer technologies for their manufacture;
  • In case of any information absence about the documents on secondary or higher education in the Unified database that is the basis for the admission competition participation.
  • If it is impossible to register an electronic cabinet or submit an application in electronic form for other reasons, confirmed by the certificate of the admission committee of higher education institution.


Applicants can submit up to 7 applications for the state-funded university places in closed and open competitive offers in no more than 4 specialities.

Applicants submit individual applications to take part in the university’s competition for admission by different forms of study (full-time or part-time). Applications’ submission for competitive offers for participation in the university’s admission competition to obtain places funded by individuals or legal entities is not limited.

  1. Applicants that obtained educational and qualification level junior specialist submit applications in paper form within the terms defined in the admission rules for receiving a bachelor’s degree for the second (third) year of study (with a normative term of training for vacant places).
  2. The application is submitted in electronic form by an applicant, by filling out an electronic form online and examined by the admission committee of the higher educational establishment under the Procedure for submitting and examining applications in electronic form for participation in a competitive selection process to higher education institutions in 2018.
  3. An application in paper form is submitted to the Admissions Committee of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv by an applicant personally. The details of each paper-form application are registered by the authorized person of the Admissions Committee in the Unified base on the day of the application acceptance.
  4. While submitting an application in a paper form an applicant presents the following documents:
  • Personal identification documents;
  • Military service card or residence permit certificate for those who are liable for military service (except for the cases provided for by the law); an official state certificate stating previously obtained educational (educational-qualification) level, on the basis of which the admission is carried out and its supplement;
  • Certificate(certificates) of External Independent Evaluation( for applicants on the basis of complete general secondary education);
  • Documents confirming the applicants’ right to participate in the university’s admission competition, by the results of entrance examinations on the basis of complete secondary education, enrollment upon the results of an interview, enrollment by quotas(in case of availability).

6 To an application in paper form an applicant adds:

  • Copies of the documents specified in paragraph 6;
  • 4 photos 3×4;
  • Applicants’ consent for processing of their personal data;
  • A folder (for the formation of the applicants’ personal file).

7 All copies of the documents are certified on the basis of the original documents by the Admissions (selection) Committee or in accorande with established legal procedures.Copies of citizenship and identity documents, military service card(residence permit certificate), birth certificate are not subject to verification. Copies of the documents without the original documents are not accepted.

  1. In case of absence of the document on obtained educational (educational-qualification) level for objective reasons, the certificate on its acquisition issued by the state enterprise “Inforesurs” may be presented.